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Plus Size Clothing in Japan

Anyone who has spent time in Japan understands how difficult it is to locate clothes stores that offer their size. This is especially true if you need a larger size than what is customary in Western countries. Even in one's own home nation, the procedure might be difficult. When you throw the language barrier into the mix, it can be a frustrating experience, to say the least.

It can be a real task to find clothes that you like and fit you well in Japan. Even if you’re not considered plus size in your home country there is a chance that you will be here: plus size in Japan typically starts at about a US size 8 to 10. If you’re plus size in your home country then you’re already familiar with needing to hunt around to find your size, but the task becomes considerably more time-consuming in Japan.

plus size clothing in japan

While it’s difficult, it’s not impossible to find plus size clothes in Japan. In the last 10 years alone we’ve seen so many Japanese brands offering clothing for fuller figures. It’s possible and sometimes necessary to buy clothes online, but depending on where you’re shopping from, and what you buy, the shipping and (surprise) import fees can end up being more than the cost of the clothes themselves! Thankfully, with many more options available within Japan, we finally have fashionable and affordable plus size options.

Not sure what your size is in Japan? Check out the international size conversion chart.

Where to buy plus size clothes in Japan

It can be a shocking adjustment for people who are considered average size or smaller than average, only to come to Japan and suddenly be plus sized. Don’t dwell on the labels too much, a lot of foreigners find themselves in the same situation for different reasons. If your shoulder width, height, chest or waist measurements are larger than the average Japanese person, you might not be able to shop at every store. If you’re on the smaller end of plus size in Japan (a US size 8 to 10), there are many popular shops where you can find clothes.

The majority of Japanese plus size brands carry up to a 4L or 5L (JP) in stores, or as an online option. So if you wear a US 1XL or 2XL you’re in luck! You’ll have many options for dresses and tops. A lot of Japanese plus size clothes are also oversized. It’s trendy, and works in your favor; an ‘oversized’ item might be the perfect fit for you!

There’s a shift happening in Japanese fashion that’s bringing in more diverse body types. We finally have international and Japanese plus size models actually modeling clothes from Japanese shops, making online shopping so much easier. Online, plus size models in Japan are becoming very popular, often posting daily outfits (and where to shop). If you use Twitter or Instagram, it's worth the follow for the style inspiration and shopping tips! Click here to see my top choices of Plus Size Japanese Models to Follow.

Shopping for sizes 2L to 5L

In the 2L to 5L size range, you have the most options of stores to choose from. I’m particularly fond of Re-J for reasonably priced casual and workwear (and adorable dresses, year round). Along the same line of trendy shops, there are and Clette, which both carry seasonal fashions. A lot of boutique shops and brands put a lot of effort into their design process and keep up with what's currently fashionable in Japan.

If streetwear is more your style, Punyus is where you want to shop. There are locations across the country, as well as an online option. It's the only plus size brand that exclusively focuses on this style of clothing. Stores that carry casual pieces are H&M Japan (online), Uniqlo,, and Smileland.

The most budget-friendly option for plus size clothing in Japan is Shimamura. This is a big box store, essentially a scaled-down Walmart. If you’re looking for affordable basics for both casual and workwear, this should be your first stop. You could also check the online stores for and Smileland which carry affordable options brands.

For sizes 6L and up

If you're plus size and coming to live in Japan for a while, get familiar with online shopping and Japanese payment methods. Most online shops take Visa and Mastercard; if you don’t have one of your own, you can easily pick up prepaid credit cards at the conbini before you make your purchase. Aside from cards, some stores use apps like Line Pay and Pay Pay, among others. Paypal is far less common a payment method for a lot of online plus size stores.

This is all worth mentioning because, if you need clothing sizes 6L and up, you’re going to be relying a lot on online shopping. Very few brands carry these sizes and the ones that do tend to only stock them online. But no worries! Once you get a payment method figured out and learn how to write your home address in Japanese you can easily order from shops like Smileland and Cecile which both carry a variety of brands and sizes.

Tip: If you can’t read Japanese, try shopping on a browser like Chrome which has a translation extension. You'll be able to navigate Japanese websites with no problem!

International Stores that Ship to Japan

There are a lot of options in Japan for clothing, but sometimes the fit just isn’t quite right. I find Japanese jeans particularly troublesome; I can find my waist size, but the hip and thigh measurements are far too small! Same with suit jackets; I can find my waist size, but both my shoulders and hips are too wide. Sometimes it’s just easier to import what you need rather than buying something and having it altered (or going without). is my go-to for international plus size brands that ship to Japan. Living in the snowy North, I appreciate being able to purchase wide-width and wide calf winter boots from them along with my jeans and blazers. My shoe size (US 8.5) combined with a wide width and calf means shoe shopping for anything other than sneakers and casual shoes is extremely difficult. I also like that they carry swimwear with larger bust measurements and support, something that I’ve yet to find in Japan. I enjoy swimming, so this is a summer must for me.

Recently, Shein has been the most talked about option for importing plus size clothing. The variety, price and fast shipping times have made it a favorite on social media. Less talked about are and, but they are also great options.

If you are buying clothing from abroad (importing), be aware that you could be hit with the infamous import tax on any or all packages. How much the fee is will depend on what you ordered and what your order is worth. Always do your research on what import fees could be so you can try to estimate and budget for the surprise expense. You may be lucky and not have to pay it, but there’s always the very real chance that you’ll need to pay a little extra (in cash) when your package is delivered.

Living in Japan is a great experience, and you shouldn't let your size be the deciding factor for living here if you get the chance. There are options out there for all sizes, it just takes a little flexibility and planning.

To see the full list of all Japanese Brands and Shops where you can buy plus size clothing, visit the RosePlusJapan Shop Guide.


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