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Where to Buy Plus Size Clothes in Japan

Where to buy plus size Japanese clothes

RosePlusJapan is dedicated to everything plus size in Japan and our goal is to connect you with the clothes made for your body.

Below is our comprehensive list of every store or brand in Japan that offers plus size Japanese clothes. Stores are (roughly) organized by the largest size available.

This list was last updated in February 2024. For the most up-to-date list, links and more store information, visit our Where To Shop Guide

Located in Harajuku, ACDC RAG offers unique clothing made in collaboration with creative designers. You will not find anything like what this store carries anywhere else for plus size. Their collection features bold prints, playful designs, and oversized silhouettes, catering to individuals looking for unconventional and statement-making fashion.

This online brand specializes in sweet aesthetic plus-size clothing for women. Their collection includes cute dresses, tops, and skirts in sizes LL to 4L, designed to embrace feminine and charming styles popular in Japanese fashion trends.

Uniqlo offers a wide range of plus size clothing up to size 4L. You can conveniently shop online for all your plus size wardrobe needs, from everyday essentials to trendy pieces. If you deal with excessive sweat, many people swear by sweat-wicking tops to layer under your clothes during Japan’s hot summers.

Punyus is Iconic. Their collections feature stylish dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear designed to empower and celebrate diverse body shapes and styles. You’ll find unique pieces at Punyus, as the brand has come to be popular for its all-over prints and creative graphics.

H&M Japan offers a lot of the same trendy and affordable plus-size clothing as you would find in Western locations. Depending on the location they may carry up to 3L in-store (select items mixed amongst the other stock, not in a dedicated section). For their full plus size selection, you will want to shop online.

Clette is a Japanese fashion brand renowned for its chic and contemporary clothing designs. They offer a curated selection of stylish apparel, including dresses, tops, skirts, and outerwear, characterized by modern silhouettes, bold prints, and sophisticated details.

Specializing in versatile and practical clothing for everyday wear, Re-J is a favorite in the plus-size community. Their collections feature comfortable and functional pieces, such as casual tops, bottoms, and knitwear, designed to provide effortless style and comfort for the modern individual. You will be able to find locations across Japan, or shop online for even more options.

If you’re a fan of cosplay or lolita fashion, you know BodyLine. This shop offers alternative and cosplay-inspired clothing and accessories. They specialize in unique and eye-catching designs, including Lolita fashion, cosplay costumes, and Gothic-inspired clothing, catering to enthusiasts of Japanese subcultures and alternative fashion styles. Plus sizes are available on their website, and they can ship to almost anywhere in the world.

Offering clothes with a polished aesthetic, Eur3 is one of the better-known plus size clothing stores selling quality pieces for both business and every day. Erring on the smaller side, you’ll be able to find fashionable seasonal pieces to add to your wardrobe, as well as staples for year-round wear.

Update your wardrobe with a trendy and edgy selection of women's plus-size clothing, featuring urban-inspired designs, streetwear elements, and bold graphics. Their collection includes statement pieces like oversized hoodies, graphic tees, and denim jackets, perfect for those seeking a cool and contemporary look.

A newer brand that focuses on romantic and elegant plus-size clothing for women. Their collections consist of dresses, blouses, and skirts, adorned with lace, ruffles, and floral prints, ideal for those who appreciate whimsical and traditionally feminine fashion styles.

Don’t let the website's (very cluttered, very Japanese) layout put you off - this shop has something for everyone.

Shein ships worldwide; while it’s not a Japanese brand, you can easily find items that are fashionable in Japan.

While their brick-and-mortar shops tend to focus on men's fashion (with a considerably smaller women’s section), they have an excellent range of plus size clothes and suits online.

Cecile offers both casual and workwear in a large range of sizes. You can purchase their plus sizes at their online shop, or if you’re an (select items/sizes)

Modern and chic, their collections focus mainly on timeless pieces like quality blouses, tailored trousers, and stylish outerwear.

What you picture in your head as sweet Japanese fashion is exactly what you will find on AngeLsize. If you’re looking for lolita inspired items, frills and lace, pinks and pastels, cupcake silhouettes, even cosplay and costumes you will want to check out their online shop. There is a decent selection of both everyday clothing, as well as specialty items.

Shimamura is a big box store offering a range of styles across Japan. It’s one of the cheaper options for plus-sized items. While they do offer up to 10L online and in some larger locations, in smaller locations you may only find up to 5L or 6L. Shop online for more sizes and styles.

The amount of plus size options on Nissen SmileLands websites are overwhelming. Online, you will find a marketplace-type online mall, meaning you can shop from a variety of brands all on one site. You can find almost anything you need, from casualwear to suits to formalwear. 

Closing their physical stores in 2014, this shop thrives online. Their collections include a lot of wardrobe staples as well as seasonal items. It’s one of the few plus size brands that sell short-length dresses, and fashionable clubwear in larger sizes. Their online shop (on RakutonMall) is stocked with hundreds of options. Bonus: this is another brand that has a small selection listed on


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