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Shopping for size 6XL(10L) in Japan

At the higher end of plus size fashion in Japan, a size 10L in Japan is the approximate equivalent to a US size 6XL, or 26. It is also one of the hardest clothing sizes to find, even from Japanese plus-size shops and brands. So what can we find online for 10L's in Japan?

Click the shop name to check out all their 10L stock or the photos to be taken directly to the items.

Most shops that offer size 10L don't use 10L models to showcase the items. Don't be discouraged if you see the piece being worn by a smaller model- if you follow the link to the item itself you'll usually find the size chart that lists out all measurements, up to 10L!

We're impressed with the range of size 10L pieces and styles available from Alinoma. As of February 2022, they had over 1000 styles in stock! Alinoma online brings together all of our favorite plus size brands under one site, to make shopping so much more convenient. It's definitely one of the larger collections you'll find for this size online. Here are a few of our favorites.

Smileland is the most well-known plus-size brands among foreigners Affordable plus size clothing and plenty to choose from, there is something for everyone. Aside from carrying a large 10L stock, Smileland is also one of the only brands to offer 12L (a US 7XL or 28).

Gold Japan has a small collection of pants and skirts available in sizes up to 10L (some even going up to 11L, due to stretch waistbands). This gorgeous grey tulle and lace skirt is only 3,600 yen and can be styled in so many ways (check out the item page for reviews and styling ideas).

Japanese plus size skirt 10L

A Happy Marilyn Plus Size 10L Japanese Dress

Visiting the Happy Marilyn Rakuten shop, we're given a fairly small selection for 10L. Four different pairs of fancy plus size underwear, and one basic tunic style dress and pant set.

For 4,290 yen, the cotton blend monochromatic set comes in purple or black and features elbow-length sleeves and a drawstring waist. Pretty cute!

Surprisingly, Alinoma (above) has more 10L pieces from A Happy Marilyn then what the site offers on their own sites.

Plus Size Japanese Brands that don't regularly stock 10L in-store or online (as of Winter 2022): H&M+, Uniqlo, Clette, Eur3, Sazakan, Mitsukoshi Clover Shop


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