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Japanese Plus Size Models You Should Follow

Plus Size models are starting to gain traction online in Japan, thanks to social media and niche businesses branching into the market. Japanese women across the country are taking to Instagram to fill the void in the plus-size fashion scene, many working with local brands to showcase everything plus size that Japan has to offer.

Many plus-size fashion model accounts list their general measurements and clothing sizes in their bio or pic description, and link or list all the pieces in their outfit. If you're looking for what's trendy in Japanese plus-size fashion right now (and where to buy it), these are the accounts to follow.

With over 10 thousand followers, this Japanese plus size model showcases a wide variety of styles and brands. Her style is polished, usually featuring dresses, skirts, and more delicate accessories. In the captions, you'll find all the shops where she finds the pieces she's wearing.


Ai Momoka has style that pops. 26k followers love her colorful looks, bold statement pieces, and diverse wardrobe. Her stunning photos don't always mention the brands she's wearing in the caption. However, as a model for glapocha (plus size modeling agency in Tokyo), her coordinations inspire.

This account posts frequently, showcasing the latest plus size fashions from Gold Japan (a popular brand offering Japanese plus size clothing up to 10L). She often posts the item name/s and prices right in her caption, so if you love the look you check out Gold Japan and get it for yourself.

Mina is a Japanese plus size model that uses her account to showcase her sweet style as well as her daily life in Japan. Many of the pieces she features in her fashion posts are linked in her Rakutan page (in her bio), or mentioned in the caption of her posts.

Finally, a model we love for everyday style is Maru. Her posts reflect the everyday fashion trends that are popular for plus-size women in Japan. She lists the @ links for every item in her outfits in the caption, a huge benefit for everyone who loves her daily style.


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