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Plus Size Halloween Costumes in Japan

Looking for the perfect plus size costume for your Halloween event in Japan? Here are my top picks. There's no trick-or-treating, but there are countless costume events to choose from. Halloween is still a month away so there is plenty of time to order your perfect spooky look.

AngeLsize AngeLsize is one of the most accessible sites in Japan for costumes, as well as other niche pieces for everyday wear. The site has different styles in up to a size 7L from various well-known brands. Among the plus size community on Twitter, AngeLsize is popular among the maid cafe employees and plus size lolita circles in Japan. They carry a selection of costumes all year but tend to have more in stock leading up to Halloween.

AngeLsize Halloween Costumes:


Shein has been gaining popularity rapidly in Japan among the plus size community. Aside from being far more affordable than many Japanese brands, there is just a wider variety of styles available. Shein is ready for Halloween 2022 with plenty of plus size pieces to create the perfect costume.

Shein Japan:

Papillon Shop

Papillon actually carries a lot of the same costume stock as AngeLsize. You will find some differences among what'soffered though so it's still worth a browse. Papillon also carries a lot of everyday plus size fashion, so you may find something you love along with that perfect Halloween look.


Known for its cosplay offerings and Lolita Fashion, BodyLine brings in a lot of new stock for Halloween. Popular costumes (every year) for women are maids, police officers, animals, and school girls but they have plenty of other classic Halloween choices. If you're looking for plus size costumes, look for the sticker that says "Multiple Sizes"- these items tend to offer sizes up to 3L, depending on the item. Unfortunately, most items are sized F or O (free size, a US medium), or up to 2L. If you're on the smaller end of plus size, you may find something you love here.

Amazon Japan

If nothing above peaks your interest, Amazon Japan may be the place for you. Amazon has pretty much every you'd need for the perfect Halloween costume and delivery times that will get your order to in time for your spooky night out. Amazon Japan:


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