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The Cutest Plus Size Japanese Aprons

Searching for the perfect plus size Japanese apron? If you're a US size large or up, you may have an easier time finding an apron online (opposed to heading to your nearest home goods store).

Unlike the aprons that I grew up with (the ones that go over the head and tie at the waist), Japanese Aprons have a slightly different design. The straps criss-cross over the shoulders and are secured on the back of the apron (sometimes adjustable, sometimes not). That means that if there is not enough fabric to wrap entirely around your waist, you won't be able to attach the straps OR if they're not removable straps, you will find yourself in a restrictive mess of fabric.

I often see people of all genders donning aprons during housework, cooking or gardening. They're designed to stay in place and guard your clothes, with minimal adjustments needed once you have it on. It's quite useful if you're working with your hands and don't want to dirty your clothes.

Japanese Plus Size Apron

As always, make sure you know your body measurements in centimeters, and then head over to Rakuten Japan. For aprons, I'm particularly fond of shopping at Nissen Smileland via Rakuten. There are so many cute designs and colors available in plus size, and the prices are always reasonable. I usually buy a 6L or 7L depending on the design, and they offer most items up to size 10L.

The above apron costs 1,645 yen and also comes in black and white. I love the little frill and lace details. The body coverage is good, it stays in place and fits comfortably over larger chest sizes.

If you're doing more than a little cooking or light cleaning, there are full-coverage designs. These are great when I need to do some garden work or am in spring cleaning mode. These aprons cover the entire body (aside from the arms) and secures at the side. The front and back of the body are totally shielded from dirt. (Also very useful if you work with small children!)

Plus Size Japanese Apron Woman Online

This cutie comes in teal or navy and has a large pocket in the front. I like the material of this particular apron; the shell is a water-resistant material and the back is lined with fleece. It's great for keeping clean and warm.

My favorite apron so far is this simple apron in Black. I'm a fan of how adjustable the back is. The elastic on the back gives a little more movement than the traditional criss-cross design. I usually choose darker colors when I'm cooking (I'm clumsy), and so far this material has held up well to the many spatters of curry and pasta sauce. And the little frill details are so cute!

Plus Size Japan Apron

Nissen has way more designs, shapes, and colors for plus-size aprons (including full sleeve and cosplay maid-esque aprons), so be sure to check out the Nissen Smileland shop.


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