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Japanese/English translations for plus size fashion

Social media is where you want to be if you're looking for the latest in Japanese plus-size fashion trends. Don't speak Japanese? No problem. We rounded up the most used Japanese hashtags for plus size fashion in Japan.

Note: Much like how hashtags, such as 'curvemodel', will find both fashion and adult-oriented content, some of these Japanese hashtags will do the same.


"Plus Size", used by brands and shops to advertise plus size clothing as well as by Japanese Plus Size models and fashion accounts


"Big Size", used by brands and shops to advertise plus size clothing, it essentially has the same meaning as Plus Size. Japanese Plus Size models and fashion accounts also use this hashtag.


"Chubby". This hashtag is one that is used for different purposes; it is used by some plus size models and brands, but it's also used for food and adult content.


An abbreviation for "Chubby", used similarly.


"Plus Size fashion". This is a great one for the trendiest plus-size fashions now.


"Chubby fashion". This hashtag is more often used by models that wear slightly smaller sizes than "Plus Size Fashion". It's also commonly used by models who are relatively slim but have larger chest or hips.


This one means Chubby Coordinations (outfits). It's used for a variety of sizes and body types.


"Fashionable Plus Size", this is another great one for Japanese plus size style inspiration.


This hashtag roughly means Fashion for/by people over 100kg. If you're looking for larger styles, there are many stylish accounts that utilize this one.


"Body Positive". This hashtag is used by a variety of accounts, models, and body types. While it's not always related to fashion, it's nice to see so many people embracing the concept.


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