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2022 Japanese Summer Fashion

It's so hot! We’re in the midst of summer 2022, so let’s look at what’s trending in Japanese plus size women’s fashion this season.

1. Bright Green

Pastel and olive greens are no stranger to the plus size fashion color palette, but this is the season for saturation. Bright hues of emerald and grass greens are the statement color of Japan's summer 2022.

Look at these greens from Re-J & Supure (Up tp size 4L). There's a whole range of colors to choose from, all beautiful and bright.

2. Dresses with a defined waist

Plus size ladies of Japan, rejoice! Summer 2022 has brought us updated dress styles complete with defined silhouettes. If you haven't dress shopped in Japan before, let me tell you: This is a HUGE deal. The standard fair for plus-size dresses leaves a lot to be desired, namely, not looking like you're wearing an oversized tunic. SO many dresses out there are flowy (which is sometimes pleasant in the Japanese heat), but it's refreshing to see multiple plus size brands carrying more dresses that don't shy away from showing off the curves.

(From left to right: Clette, Re-J & Supure, Taberunosky)

3. The Punyus Summer 2022 Collection

Punyus puts out hits every season, but their Summer 2022 is hitting with early 90s feels. Bright colors, bucket hats, tie dye and plus size crop tops? Yes, please.

4. Florals

Flower print is the pattern that dominates all Japanese women's clothing, so no one should be surprised that florals are the most trending choice this summer. With such a range of design and colors, why not add a few of these pieces in your collection; florals are a mainstay, so you know you'll be on trend for many seasons to come.

5. Wide-Legged Pants

The days of skinny jeans are long gone. Flowy, wide-legged pants are great for hot summer days where if you must put clothes on. You want as much air flow as possible, with as little contact with your skin as possible. A great alternative to a dress or skirt (especially on those windy days), wide leg pants give you the same feel without the risk of accidentally flashing the neighborhood when (not if, when) you get hit with a surprise gust of wind.


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