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Wireless bra for sizes 3L-5L from Shimamura

Affordable plus size bras to release at 9 am on November 12th

Shimamura has teamed up with Hana to design comfortable and cute lingerie for plus sizes 3L-5L. The line has an emphasis on comfort and design, with thicker straps, no underwire, and delicate floral details.

plus size japaned model in bras

The sets will be available for purchase online on November 12. Visit the Shimamura website to purchase.


1,419 yen


CL Hana-44: 364-2720 White (off white)

CL Hana-40: 364-2633 Lavender (light purple)

CL Laméture-30: 364-2812 Sax (blue)

CL lame tul-42: 364-2860 Pink (peach)

plus size bra and panty set japan

Bra Design Details:

1. Support Panel: Between the two cups there is a fabric panel that provides additional shape and support. The fabric is not elastic and holds the cups center of the body when being worn. In plus size bras without an underwire or support panel, the cups have a tendency to rest to the side. With the panel, the bra holds shape.

plus size bra japan floral

2. Lift Panel: On the inside of the cup there is a lift panel that adds additional support and shape.

plus size bra japan design

3. Wide band and additional coverage: The wide band starts at the side of the cup and wraps around the body. This offers more support and well as fewer bras lines when worn under clothing. A wide band and mesh coverage prevents overflow around the side of the chest and back.

plus size bra japan wide band

3. Wide straps: Designed 5mm wider than the standard strap, it rests comfortably on the shoulder and doesn't dig. The wider strap stays in place and provides more support.

plus size japan bra wide strap

Panty Design Details:

The line includes cute matching panties (649 yen, sold separately). The panty is a brief style with a control panel, made with breathable fabric and matching design details.

plus size panty japan


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