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Plus Size Japanese Models to Follow in 2024

Get some fashion inspiration from plus-size Japanese models who know exactly where to shop. All of these Instagram accounts are active as of January 2024 and post new content regularly.

Plus size Japanese models Japanese bbw

I love following Japanese models because they often post their measurements and the size they wear, so it's easy to imagine yourself in an item before shopping online.

It's common for plus-size models to work as ambassadors for one brand, showcasing new items for viewers to see how to style different pieces. Angelsize, LaFarFa, and Gold Japan have many active ambassadors that promote different brands under each company's umbrella.

Plus size in Japan typically begins at a 2L, which would be the equivalent of a US Medium or Large. There are very few Japanese plus size accounts that model clothing sized 7L and up.

Size Conversions: 2L (US L), 3L (US XL), 4L (US 1XL), 5L (US 2XL), 6L (US 3XL), 7L (US 4XL)

For more plus size Japanese fashion tips and insights, explore these accounts to discover the latest trends and where to find stylish clothing options that fit your body perfectly. Whether you're looking for casual wear, formal attire, or trendy accessories, these models showcase a diverse range of styles. Just click their image to open instagram and stay updated on the vibrant world of plus size fashion in Japan.

Plus Size Japanese Models on Instagram

Height: 156cm | Usually wears: 4L~5L

Chanmi Japanese Plus Size Model Lolita

Weight:93kg  | Height: 160cm

Reibon Plus Size Japanese Model

Height: 157cm | Usually wears: 4L

Masami Plus Size Japanese Model

Weight:90kg  | Height: 154cm

Minami Japanese Plus Size Model

Weight:90kg  | Height: 164cm | Usually wears: 3L~4L

Kanna Japanese Plus Size Model

Weight:100kg  | Height: 162cm | Usually wears: Up to 4L

Maschomin Japanese Plus Size Model BBW 100kg

Weight: 110kg  | Height: 157cm | Usually wears: 4L-6L

Maschomin Japanese Plus Size Model BBW 110kg

This post is not a partnership or paid promotion. It is intended solely for informational purposes and does not endorse any specific products, brands, or services.


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