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Where to Buy Plus Size Clothes in Tokyo 2024

Plus size Japanese clothing tokyo

If you’re in Tokyo and are looking to do some shopping, here are the best places to shop in store for plus size clothing. 


Punyus carries a variety of sizes from a US Small to 2XL. The shop is known for its iconic offbeat designs that are worn by Japanese celebrities of all sizes. You’ll find mostly casual and streetwear style clothing here, along with some super cute accessories. For what’s currently in stock and to see the punyus measurement chart (their sizing system differs from other brands), visit the website at

Naomi Watanabe in the Shibuya Punyus plus size store

Re-J Plus Size Japan Store

From casual wear to simple dress, to occasion wear and work suits, Re-J and it's sister stores carry a nice selection of trendy plus size clothing up to size 4L. (I am absolutely biased on this one, 80% of my wardrobe comes from! ). I particularly enjoy Re-J because it carries clothing that actually are on trend in Japan, and updates it's selection each season. On the website you can view photos of their employees across Japan modeling different OOTDs using clothes that are availanle.

There are many more clothing options available online than in stores, so be aware that what you see on their website might not actually be in the shop.

Where to find the shop: There are multiple locations in Tokyo. Click here for the addresses. (Select All “Large Size” Brands when searching, as these brands also carry smaller sizes).

ACDC Rag Tokyo Plus Size

This one is for the alternative fashion lovers. ACDC is located in Harujuku and carries Punk, Pop and Pastel alternative fashions. Not to mention the crazy cute shoes and accessories. The website is multilingual so you can easily browse what’s currently in stock. To find the plus size clothes, click the menu and scroll down to Plus Size. The clothing is sorted by collection.

Since this shop carries various brands, the size system will vary between collections- be sure to check the measurement charts for each if you’re interested in a particular item. In general, the largest size equivalent of most of their plus size collections would be a Japanese 2L or 3L.

Location: 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 1 Chome−16−7 林ビル 1F

Shimamura plus size clothes in Tokyo

This is a budget-friendly option for shopping plus size in Japan. You’ll be able to find a lot of different styles of clothing, work suits and jackets.  The most affordable outlet for plus-size clothes, in shop, you'll usually find a selection up to 5L or 6L, but it varies from store to store. For sizes 7L+, the selection online is more varied than what you'll see in shops.  Shimamura isn't known for being the most trendy or being the highest quality, but for the price, their basic pieces can freshen up your wardrobe season to season.

If you haven’t already, use a browser that has a translation app so you can browse the Japanese websites easily (useful for finding location addresses)

The downside of shopping for plus size clothes in Tokyo

Japanese stores that do carry plus sizes vary with what’s available online vs. in the shops. In many cases you will actually find a much wider variety of items and sizes online. Unfortunately, depending on the plus size you wear, you might not actually be able to shop in-person in Tokyo. Those who wear US sizes L-1XL will have the most variety available to them. 


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