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Japan/U.S Plus Size Size Chart

Save this size chart for when you’re shopping for plus size clothing in Japan!

プラスサイズ PLus Size Japan Size Chart Japanese US international conversion chart womens

In general, plus size in Japan starts at 2L, and Japanese plus size stores carry up to 10L.

If you wear L in U.S sizes, you are considered plus size in Japan. But there are other factors that may make shopping plus size the better option for you. Often, Japanese women’s fashion has different proportions than Western fashion so it’s quite common among foreigners in Japan to need to size up in order to accommodate their hip, shoulder, or chest measurements. It can be a little jarring moving to Japan and needing sizes labeled higher than your US size, but don’t fret; a good fit is far more important than a number on a label.

When shopping in Japan, or from a Japanese site online don’t forget to check each brand's own size charts and item measurements. These measurement charts are usually in cm, so take note of your own measurements before you start shopping.

As a helpful guide, I also like to take the measurements of my favorite clothing currently in my wardrobe. Most Japanese sites are fabulous at posting each item's measurements so you can easily compare the item you’re looking at to different pieces you know you like (and fit the way you want them to).


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