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GLAPOCHA / TGPC Production Committee is a Japanese modeling and talent agency specializing in plus size models. The agency was initially launched in 2017 by plus size model and creator, Momoka Ai and in 2019 partnered with TGPC. GLAPOCHA is the first plus size talent agency in the country.

The name TGPC is short for Tokyo Glamorous Pocchari Collection. Glamourous, or Glamour is a borrowed English word that’s often used in fashion. In Japan “Glamour Size” is often used the way that the west uses plus size. Specifically, it is used to describe women who typically are plus size and have a large chest and/or hip measurements (leaning more towards chest size).

The second word comes from the Japanese word “Pocchari”, or Pocha for short. In English, it means chubby and is typically used in an endearing way. GLAPOCHA combines these two words as a symbol for their brand.


GLAPOCHA models and other talent are offered work and training specifically to appeal to the plus size market in Japan. Modeling (web, catalogs, magazine, TV) and acting (TV, movies, web, body doubles) are two of the larger roles models fulfill. GLAPOCHA is also noted for its role in plus size fashion events and train their models in walking, posing and makeup application. Some talent is also recruited for event planning and management.

More recently you can see GLAPOCHA models making their mark online, with special influencer and content creation training. Almost all models have an online social media presence, and some specialize in YouTube and social video productions.


The agency recruits models from across Japan, holding casting calls sporadically throughout the year. Typically the casting calls happen once in the spring and fall, though this changes with demand. Potential models can fill out the registration form online (in Japanese), and need to provide a headshot, body shot, body measurements, and any examples of previous work. Live interviews are a necessary part of the process and can be held in Tokyo, Osaka, or online (if a registrant is unable to come to either city).

Hired models and talent have a wide variety of body types, sizes and heights. The agency works to promote diversity and body positivity and this value carries through their hiring process.

Currently, there are no foreign plus sized models working for GLAPOCHA; the company has a strong desire to promote plus size fashion to the Japanese market and as such appears to hire models that their audience can identify with. In many of the modeling and talent positions, hirees also need to be aware of Japanese cultural norms, language, and how to interact with the public.

That's not to say that it's impossible to work with a Japanese modeling agency as a foreign plus size model; many Japanese businesses hire foreign models to promote their plus size brands and clothing, especially in web and print marketing. Being able to speak and understand conversational Japanese is necessary for most modeling or talent jobs, with a higher level needed for speaking roles or roles that require you to appear in interviews or interact with the public. If you are seeking work with a modeling or talent agency and are living in Japan on a visa, be aware of your visa type and whether you are able to legally seek work. If you have the ability to speak Japanese and fit the physical criteria to work as a plus size model, it is possible to work in modeling (though there are fewer opportunities for plus size models compared to smaller-sized models).


Contact (business)

For inquiries regarding sponsorship, costume cooperation, model shooting, events, TV appearances, etc.

GLAPOCHA Manager, Tanaka

Mobile phone: 090-2524-6368

Online Contact Forms (Japanese): Website


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