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Fukuske x Ai Momoka collab - Limited edition plus size tights

Fukuske Co. is celebrating its 140th anniversary with a plus size collab.

The company, known for its tights, stockings and innerwear has teamed up with GLAPOCHA representative and plus size model, Ai Momoka, to develop a line of plus size designs.

The line is called "momoske" and features vibrantly colored tights that fit up to a size 6L.

Momoske tights momoka ai GLAPOCHA plus size model japan

The tights range in prices and designs, with the most expensive coming in at under ¥1500 - a great price for quality plus size tights in colors you won't find in any other store.

Momoske plus size japan model momoka ai tights stockings

It can be tough finding plus size stockings in Japan, even in basic black and beiges. It's refreshing to find more color options with features like paneling and more durable fabric from a brand that's honed their craft.

"3L to 4L/5L to 6L are knitted with a knitting machine with a larger diameter than normal tights, so it is designed to be loose and comfortable around the stomach and thighs."
By changing the way the thighs are woven and reinforced, the damage caused by friction is reduced.

That's right- they designed plus size stockings that reduce chub rub!

Plus size stockings japan

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