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Eur3 (S-5L)

Eur3 offers quality plus size suits, occasion wear, and wardrobe staples in sizes S to 5L. You can find stores across Japan or conveniently shop online (shipping within Japan).

Eur3 plus size Japanese clothing

The Clothes

The largest size offered is 5L but Eur3 sizing does run slightly smaller, especially for suits and special occasionware. When you are shopping online take care to check each items measurements.

The focus of the brand is professional and occasionwear. As such, the price point is higher than shops that mostly offer casual wear. These are investment pieces, meant to last longer than fast fashion. If you're a working professional or living in Japan long term you will need a variety of suits and outfits for different occasions, so while the initial cost is higher, your purchases will have a long life for reuse.

The clothes themselves are standard Japanese styles. Colors and cuts for these types of clothing don't change drastically with time, making a lot of the pieces excellent wardrobe staples.

There is a nice selection of dresses and suits meant to be worn for special occasions such as graduations and funerals. The suit jackets can be worn professionally, but also pair well with special occasion dresses.

Eur3 plus size Japanese clothes

The casual items and pieces meant for everyday wear are modest and minimal classic styles. The silhouettes are looser and are marketed to a more mature market ( ie, more coverage). Necklines are at the collarbone, sleeve lengths tend to be to the wrist or stay at the elbow, and skirts hit below the knee.

Refreshingly, amongst the causal items, there are some splashes of color offered. The main pallet is your typical black, white, and beige - but there are some items available in both muted tones and saturated colors. 

Sizing for casual clothes is much more generous than the form-fitting suits.At the time of writing this entry, no casual clothes were available in 5L. The largest size available was 4L.


Most items are made using polyester, but there is more variation because of the price point. Almost all items are manufactured in China.

Plus Size Brand Models

The website does not show 4L and 5L items on models who wear those sizes, which is disappointing. However, Eur3 does have a YouTube channel. On many of the item pages, there is a video link. In the videos, you can see a plus size model wearing the items and giving more information.

To see items on various body types, you can also visit the Staff Coordinates pages. Many brands have such a section on their website to give us style ideas, and a wider variety of body types.


You can shop in Eur3 stores across Japan. Click here for the shop list.

Payments and Shipping

Eur3 only ships items within Japan. Shipping on orders over 11,000 is free.

Accepted payment methods include Credit Card, and Cash on Delivery.


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