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Dear My Love: Shop Online for Sweet Japanese Plus Size Clothing

Dear My Love is dedicated to subculture fashion in sizes up to 6L. Their collections feature unique peices from various brands, and they ship internationally (great news if you're looking for Japanese fashion but aren't in Japan!)

Dear My Love Whip Japanese Subculture Plus Size Fashion Dress Skirts

The Clothes

Dear My Love carries many items and styles in their plus size section. Sweet items (pastels, lace, frills, bows) as well as slightly gothic items (black, white) make up the majority of their offerings. There are some "everyday" fashion items, but Dear My Love is known for the over-the-top girly Japanese fashion look.

Impressively, they have one of the largest collections of short dresses and skirts - items rather hard to come by in plus sizes.

Unfortunately, if you're a visual shopper you may be turned off by the lack of plus size models on the website. Many of the items, even plus size, are displayed on smaller-sized models - so you will have to depend on the size chart (cm) and your imagination. The sister-brand "Dear My Love Whip" does use plus size models. To make shopping easier, Whip also includes the models size and measurements for most items, so you can have an idea of how it will fit on your body.

The largest size available varies, but generally is up to 5L (majority of items), with a few items 6L+

If you can't read Japanese, I'd recommend using a translation application in your browser to read the website and shop with ease. You'll find useful information for each item in the description. I particularly like that they describe the feel and weight of the materials used.

The descriptions of each item offer many details that may not be visible from the photos (such as lining materials, zipper placement, and degree of stretch in the material).

Price Range (Plus Size Items)

Shirts: ¥4,000 ~ ¥8,000

Blouses: ¥3,000 ~ ¥7,000

Sweaters, Knitwear: ¥2,000 ~ ¥8,000 Skirts: ¥2,000 ~ ¥10,000 Dresses: ¥3,000 ~ ¥20,000

Coats:  ¥6,000 ~ ¥18,000

Outerwear: ¥6,000 ~ ¥10,000

Payments and Shipping

Dear My Love ships within Japan (excluding remote islands) AND internationally. If you are ordering from an address outside of Japan, your shipping cost will vary. If you are located outside of Japan, be aware that some items cannot be shipped internationally. You will still technically be able to purchase the item, but it will not be shipped to you. It will say in the item's description if it cannot be shipped internationally.

A very important note: Not all items displayed are in stock. It will tell you that the item is back-ordered and will give you an estimate of arrival if you go ahead and order it. If an item is back-ordered or is accepting pre-orders (for new items not yet in stock), there will be a longer waiting period to receive the item.

Payment options may vary depending on the shipping address. For those within Japan, most major payment methods are accepted. For those outside Japan, payments can only be made by credit card. Dear My Love does accept returns and exchanges for the following issues: ●Returns and exchanges due to defective product delivery. ●Returns and exchanges due to customer convenience. ●Re-shipment/exchange due to incorrect delivery or shortage. There is an extensive list here of conditions for returns, and what would disqualify a return from being accepted.


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