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ACDC RAG Gloomy Plus Size

Located in Harajuku, ACDC RAG is offering punk rock statement pieces unlike anything else you've seen in plus size Japanese fashion. Each item has specific measurements listed in their website description, so be sure to check before you order (they ship internationally), or head to Harajuku to browse the shop and see what catches your eye.

From their website: "ACDC RAG started out in the streets of Harajuku in the 1980s. Our brand concept is 'No Borders', as no matter where you're from, your gender or your age, there are no rules on how to wear our clothes. We are aiming to create a world where there is no borders and you can wear any clothes that you love."

Gloomy Bear is back. Available in 3 themes (Pastel, Dark or Vivid), the Gloomy collaboration is one of the more robust and popular collections on the site. Part 1 did so well that they brought it back for round 2, and seeing how well this collection is doing I'm sure we will be seeing a Part 3 in the future.

ACDC RAG Gloomy Bear Plus Size

Available in pastel pink or black, this line features a new character, the bunny doll. While the print and overall design are definitely cute, it's the character details that make them stand out. Best of all? All the Bunny Doll items pair perfectly with the Gloomy Bear pieces.

ACDC RAG Bunny Doll Plus Size プラスサイズ

If bright colors and funky prints are more your style, check out the Decorative Collection.

Poison Strawberry Collection

The title of the collection says it all. This pattern features a darkened strawberry print that adds an edge to this whimsical fruit.

This line includes seven tops in different styles and cuts, and all featuring the lines' iconic print. Each piece in this line is priced at either ¥3,190, ¥4,290 or ¥6,050.

Accessories & More

Along with their clothing lines, ACDC RAG also carries accessories shoes and bags that stand out in a crowd. Just click the image to see the product details on the ACDC RAG website.


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