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Japanese Plus Size Instagram Models 2022

Follow these Instagram models for the latest in Japanese plus size fashion. Scroll down to find and follow the curvy girl accounts that are hot now!

Japan Plus Size BBW Model
@emix_momoka has over 16K followers, posting her outfits (and where to buy plus size clothing from Japan), daily eats and adorable pics of her pet pig.

Japan Plus Size BBW Model
@aicadayoooo_ is a fashion model for the brand タベルノスキー and frequently posts their super cute fits. She has a following of 19K and a Youtube channel for more fashion inspiration.

Japan Plus Size BBW Model
@hitomigram_fashion is an it account for elegant styles & high end accessories. She often models for brands such as Clover Shop, Curvy Wedding and LaFarfa among others- and has an elevated sense of daily style that I adore.

Japan Plus Size BBW Model
@oto.090chan is a brand ambassador and woman with style. Her feed design represents her personal style well; soft colors and designs, with a strong emphasis on traditionally feminine details.

Japanese bbw plus size model list
@pochade_ee throws back to pure ootd gram vibes. The feed is majority mirror shots of her daily outfits, along with shopping details. The purest form of using socials for fashion inspiration.

japan plus size bra bbw lingerie
@yuzuu44 is an official ambassador for Glamour Princess, a plus size bra and lingerie brand. She posts product updates, alongside her personal ootd picks.

Plus Size Japan Model OOTD fashion
@__reinawear understands the assignment. Her feed is highly stylized with the outfit at the focus, along with easy visuals showing you exactly where each piece comes from.


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